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Company: Ami Distributors
Place of registration: Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Registered Address: AMI Distributors, No. 576, 2nd Floor, 30th main road, BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore-70, Karnataka.
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Cookies Policy
Last updated on 1st July 2021
This Cookie Policy is applicable to all website under the umbrella of AD Blinds. By accessing any of our website/page you agree to our Cookie Policy. This Cookie Policy, irrespective of accepting it on any device, will be applicable across all your devices, across all our websites.
Any changes to this Policy page shall be first updated here. AD Blinds reserves the right to make changes in the Policy time to time. It is requested to visit this page time to time to stay informed about the changes made.
Our Use of Cookies
We use Cookies on all of our pages. When you visit our website, a Cookie – a tiny file consisting of numbers and alphabets – is placed on your device’s hard drive. We may use the Cookie to understand more about you. Use of Cookie is purely done to better your website experience. It is our promise to provide you a healthy web experience on all our pages across websites. You may search on Google to understand more about Cookies.

All information collected through the use of cookies is encrypted and we do not use cookies to collect information such as credit card numbers.
Certain pages on our Websites may contain “pixel codes” (also known as Internet Tags, Facebook Pixel tags or Google Tags). These pixel codes allow third parties to obtain information such as the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the pixel code is available, the URL of the page on which the code is present, the time the page containing the code was viewed, the type of browser used to view the page and the information in cookies set by the third party.
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An IP address is a unique identifier that certain electronic devices use to identify and communicate with each other on the Internet. When you visit our website/s, we may view the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet. We use this information to determine the general physical location of the device and understand from what geographic regions our website visitors come. We also may use this information to enhance our websites.
Further Information and Complaints
AD Blinds takes its users’ concerns seriously. If you’re certain that AD Blinds has not complied with this Privacy and Cookie Policy, or if you have any questions about our privacy practices in general, you may write to our Compliance Officer at the address provided below, or by email at:
Problem with Cookie Policy ? Write to us
Contact person: Suchi Chokhawala
Contact address: AMI Distributors, No. 576, 2nd Floor, 30th main road, BSK 3rd Stage, Bangalore-70, Karnataka.
Phone: +91 93413 40952
Email: shuchi@ad-blinds.com

If you have a complaint, please describe in as much detail as possible the ways in which you believe that this Privacy and Cookie Policy has not been complied with. We will investigate your complaint promptly.